Lighting Maintenance


Keep Your Lighting System At Its Best!

As with any major utility or household appliance, regular lighting service will help to keep your system functioning at its best. While we use industry leading components and best practice techniques in all of our work, landscape lighting exists in an outdoor environment where conditions are uncontrollable and damage can happen. Accordingly, Nightscapes is prepared to assist from routine inspections to urgent repair needs. On every service visit, you can expect the high quality professionalism and small business personalization which echo the superior results our customers have come to expect.

Seasonal Visits

Nightscapes recommends that landscape lighting be serviced at least on an annual basis though most of our customers report superior results with two or more visits. In the early spring, it is common for lighting fixtures to need realignment as a result of frost heave having shifted their positioning over the winter. At the end of the growing season, lenses have often become obscured by plant debris and should be cleaned before moving into the darkest part of the year. Regardless of the service frequency that you choose, a maintenance visit by Nightscapes includes a routine set of services which can be amended in order to best suit your needs.

Routine Service:

  • Fixture Adjustment: Pathlights will be checked to ensure that they are standing perfectly upright and not leaning. Spotlights and uplights will be positioned to ensure that are still illuminating target areas and have their adjustment points tightened.
  • Bulb Check: Bulbs that are out will be replaced as needed. For halogen based systems, many property owners choose to have all bulbs replaced at the same time every few years (depending on use) to avoid repeat replacement visits and inconvenient outages.
  • Lens Cleaning: Being outdoors, lenses can accumulate dirt and plant debris which will be wiped clean to maximize light output.
  • Wire Repair & Reburying: If any landscape lighting wire has been severed by property work, the damage will be carefully repaired to restore working order. Wire that has surfaced due to erosion will be reburied as needed.
  • Transformer Inspection: Voltage will be tested and connections tightened on your transformer(s).
  • Photo Cell Inspection (if applicable): Unit will tested for proper functionality.
  • Timer Adjustment (if applicable): Per property owner specification if applicable
  • LED Lubrication (if applicable): Sockets and seals on LED fixtures should be lubricated on an annual basis

Extra Services:

  • Tree-Mounted Fixture Adjustments: If you have any fixtures mounted up in a tree, we recommend that they be adjusted roughly every 5 years to accommodate tree growth. NOTE: Fixtures must be no higher than 20’ off of the ground. Nightscapes reserves to right to not service any tree fixture if it cannot be safely accessed.
  • Pruning: Fixtures are often positioned in beds or bushes making pruning essential to avoid obscuring the beam of light and diminishing its effect. As a standard, service technicians minimize trimming to better protect the plant life.
  • Fixture Replacement: If you have any fixtures which have been damaged, they can certainly be replaced. Due to their size, however, technicians do not have most fixtures within their inventory so in most cases, replacements will need to be ordered and replaced via a return trip. If you are aware of a particular fixture that has been damaged, please let us know in advance of your appointment so that we can have it with us at the time of service.

Hydroscapes Combination Service Visits

Nightscapes is able to work in tandem with our water services division, Hydroscapes. This means that in most instances, the same service technician can come out to your property to complete seasonal service on both your landscape lighting AND irrigation system in the same visit, saving you time and money! Just be sure to coordinate this with our office staff prior to an appointment.